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Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 16

— 1 —

I think Beckett decided to help out around the house more now that he’s a big one year old. Yesterday he dumped out all the cloth wipes to find the perfect one to wipe the floor with. He also decided to help me clean out the fridge. Fun times.

— 2 —

Something akin to the plague seems to be going around. Chris and Finn had it a few weeks ago, I had it last weekend and poor B was feverishly tossing and turning and coughing most of last night.

— 3 —

Some mornings require coffee before you can think clearly enough to make a cup of coffee. Luckily Chris was sweet enough to make a pot before we left for drop-offs this morning.

— 4 —

I just realized that between the Valentine’s for the kids, birthday cake and sick baby we completely forgot to have Beckett open his birthday presents. #TotalMomFail

— 5 —
Due to the plague, I decided to be lazy and just pick up a little cake from Kroger. I found one that met my birthday cake requirements of being a white cake with buttercream frosting. Hmmm, does that look like white cake to you….
Shares his mommy’s feelings on chocolate birthday cake.
— 6 —

Gratuitous baby picture.

— 7 —

Have a great weekend and go get some half-priced chocolates. I’ll take them if you don’t need them. 😉

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Baby on Back

I’ve really wanted an Ergo baby carrier or similar soft structured carrier for a while. $100+ is too pricey for one right now, and I haven’t had ant luck with Craigslist or resale shops. I finally decided to give the much cheaper but similarly designed Infantino Union a try.


There’s a baby in my backpack!


There’s no fancy pockets or anything like that, but it was only $30. I was able to get some laundry done and take out the trash with backpack baby. I would have been able to do some kitchen cleaning too, but the school nurse called for me to pick up a not-as-sick-as-we-thought-at-the-time Finnian.

The only real negative with the Union so far is trying to fasten the chest/back buckle when I’m wearing him in the front. It might be possible to do by myself, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Disclaimer: I bought this myself, full price and am only sharing my opinion about it here for my own amusement and for the three people who might find it informative. I have not been compensated by Infantino or anyone else for my opinion.

Weekend stuff

I spent today making five turkey pies for the freezer. I am in trouble. FIVE pies didn’t make a dent in the turkey leftovers. I tried making stock from the turkey bones for soup, but got busy trying to get B to nap. The whole thing boiled dry and smoked out the house. 😛 At this point, making soup isn’t optional, so it looks like I’ll have to go to the grocery for the fourth time in four days.

It also seems like everyone is suffering in various degrees from sinus stuff. Finn has it the worst. I’m betting his Thanksgiving vacation will last at least one extra day because of it.

In an attempt to save this completely mundane post, here are some cute pictures of my darlings eating chicken fingers two days pre-turkey. I’m sure they will interest at least two of you. For the rest, I promise to post something more interesting tomorrow. Or Monday, for sure.

Why I kind of like Mondays.

I love being home with my family. I love hanging out at home watching movies or going on adventures to exotic places like Thrift Town or WalMart together. I love watching the boys play together. I love not having to rush to go anywhere.


Chris was sick this weekend *coughmanflucough*. So he needed to rest, which meant that I still had to manage the kiddos while trying to get things done. Fine, I can do that. But I also had to do things differently than I would if it was just me and the boys, since he was home. Not bad different, just slightly more work different.

For example, if Finn and Beckett and I got busy playing or if I managed to really work on cleaning while they kept each other entertained and lunch rolled around, I could throw together a pbj and carrots for Finn, some applesauce and/or toast for Beckett and any of the above for myself. Done. Breakfast could be oatmeal or cold cereal or scrambled eggs. Chris, on the other hand, requires more food. And when he’s sick, I’m cooking and entertaining the baby and fielding Finn’s 1,000 questions while he rests.

Fine. Just like in any group situation, when one person needs help, the rest have to chip in so everything keeps moving along as it should.

Even on a normal, everyone healthy weekend, though, I have Finnian, who will never ever need coffee if he maintains his energy when he’s older, and Beckett, who wants to be held or wants to get into everything. With Finn around, Beckett doesn’t nap well at all, either because B is excited that Finn is here or because Finnian is noisy. I really don’t think Finn can help it. He does try, but I think six year old boys have their own volume settings of noisy, noisier and really, really loud. The more he tries to be quiet, the louder he seems to be. Even though I try to keep the tv or radio on during the week, Finnian noise isn’t something Beckett can sleep through.

Since Chris is off on weekends, he understandably wants to work on things he can’t get done during the week. So, I try to work around his plans for meals, grocery shopping, etc. He says I don’t have to do this, but one of my biggest peeves is cooking a meal and not having everyone at the table eating together shortly after it is ready. Trying to time it so we can all sit down together is my way of trying to keep everyone happy (read “not kill someone”).

With everyone home all day, there is more mess, more laundry, more dirty dishes, and more cooking. There’s less sleep for Beckett and less time for me to do what needs to be done.

Weekdays, however, I set the schedule. Sure, there’s the morning rush to get everyone out the door on time and the afternoon pick-up, but everything in between is on my time. Beckett actually takes decent naps, even if they usually happen while I’m holding him. I get a break while he naps or I can take care of bills and anything else I can do one handed while sitting. Since he’s able to nap, he isn’t cranky later so I can be more productive. With just the two of us home, I can clean without worrying about someone making more mess behind. (Usually. Beckett is getting good at dumping things out.)

If I have the car and need to run errands, I can leave as soon as I’m ready. I don’t have to wait for Finn to put on his shoes or for Chris to stop whatever he’s working on to watch Finn. I can time the errands so we leave as soon as Beckett wakes up from a nap so I have plenty of time to get everything done before he’s tired and cranky. Meals are easier because everyone is on their weekday schedule, so everyone is ready to eat at about the same time.

Complaints aside, I do miss the time together during the week and I do look forward to the weekend. But, I do look forward to 8:30 on Monday morning when the house is calm and my coffee is ready and Beckett is starting to get sleepy and ready to nurse down for his first and usually longest nap.  That is my time to make plans for the week and relax after a busy weekend.

Yes, I’m still here.

No I haven’t fallen off a cliff since my last real post months ago. Life just got really crazy sometime shortly after Halloween. If you’re a Facebook friend, you can probably just skip this update because you’ve probably heard it all already. Also, if you’re expecting and would rather not hear about any pregnancy complications you should probably skip this entry.

Sometime around the end of October I caught the Parvo B19 virus, aka Fifth disease. I won’t bore you with tons of details about the disease, but this site has a lot of info if you are interested:

In a nutshell, it is something you do not want to get while you are pregnant because it can be very bad for the baby. Otherwise it is  pretty common, especially among children, and usually so mild that you might not even know you have it. In my case, I wouldn’t have even known that anything was wrong, except that my son developed a lacy rash about a week after being sick for two days with what I attributed to a bad cold. The same day he had the rash I noticed a similar rash on myself that I had first attributed to wearing a shirt washed in a different laundry detergent. At that point I thought it might be worth it to mention it to my Doctor and have the blood test done to check for Fifth, just in case.

Luckily for baby Beckett and I, we were just past the twenty week mark when I was exposed, which makes for a better prognosis. Even so, the weekly Doppler studies I’ve had since have shown signs of fetal anemia, ranging from severe in the beginning to mild the rest of the time. At around 23-24 weeks, there was concern that he would need a transfusion, so I was given steroid shots to help develop his lungs just in case a transfusion was necessary and something went wrong during the procedure resulting in him being a very preemie baby. The numbers stabilized before a transfusion became necessary, though. 🙂

Normally, he would only be monitored for about eight weeks because the disease has usually resolved by then. Last week, though, his numbers randomly spiked, so we will continue our weekly visits with the specialist indefinitely. Well, I guess, not indefinitely, since he will be born at some point and then weekly sonograms would just be silly. So far, though he appears to be an otherwise healthy, large baby.

I’m so glad that we have the technology to monitor him and to do fetal transfusions if that had been necessary. The extra weekly visits are stressful for me, though. I think he’s getting sick of them, too. I calculated that between the normal sonos I had with my regular OB and the sonos for the Doppler study, I’ve had 17 sonograms done with more to come. All that poking and prodding might explain why Beckett actually turned his head and put his hands up over his face at the last sono when my awesome sono technician tried to get a cute shot of his face. It also might explain why he’s so eager to, um, flash his goods anytime she looks near that general area. I always thought it was just a little boy thing, but I’m beginning to think Beckett is trying to send us a message to leave him alone. If he hates having his picture taken later on, I’m totally blaming it on this.

One thing that is becoming a bit of a concern is his size. With seven or eight weeks to go, depending on who you ask, Beckett appears to be about 5lbs and 5oz. I’m not really surprised or worried, because Finnian was an 8lb 7.5oz baby. What concerns me is that the doctors might start worrying over his size and want to jump to an induction or c-section. I love my doctors, and I do trust them, but it will take more than “he’s measuring big” to make me comfortable with either intervention, especially since I’ve already had one big baby with very few complications.

Anyway, with all the doctor visits, stress and holiday craziness, blogging hasn’t exactly been at the top of my to do list. Sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll be back full steam sharing more than you’d ever want to know soon. 😉

Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor’s appointment went well today. I did get an antibiotic since my ickiness seems to be leaving normal allergy junk territory and moving toward an all out sinus infection. I hope it works, because I think all the OTC crap that is okay for pregnant women to take is nothing but a bunch of placebos. Seriously. Except for a neti pot. Those things are awesome for sinus congestion. For those of you who aren’t familiar with neti pots, I won’t gross you out with the details here. I’ll let google do that for me. Trust me, though, as weird and disgusting as it sounds, it’s worth it. They will help when nothing else will.

The baby’s heartbeat is still above 160. I think it was 163. I can’t believe I already forgot the exact number. I think the snot is eating my brain. For those who believe that old wives tale, there’s still time to vote boy or girl in my poll to the right.

I suppose I should post a photo or two so you can see how I’m carrying and whatnot, but honestly there’s not much to see yet, I’m always the one behind the camera when it comes to taking pictures and I’m too lazy to set up the tripod. Maybe I can get Chris to do it later. Finn would love to do it, but I’m afraid all you’d get is a blurry blob.

I’m off to try to do something productive before I need to pick up the boys. Or take a nap. One of the two.

Pregnancy post in which I whine because I’m getting sick.

My throat hurts and my head hurts and I’m sleepy and I need to wash dishes and I need to eat something but I want to sleep more but I need to do stuff when will the Sudafed kick in I should gargle some salt water stupid Tylenol doesn’t do crap I should drink some hot tea but that would mean walking all the way to the kitchen and why are my ears popping and look at the baskets of laundry that need folded and why is it so hot today why am I sick when it isn’t even cold outside and we’re out of popsicles and I want a popsicle and I don’t even like popsicles but they’re cold and would be good now and I should just go take a nap but it probably won’t help and I’ll still be sick and laundry will still need folded and dishes will still need washed and I’ll still be hungry and possibly sick from not eating and…..

I did try to warn you.

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