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First Day 2013

Today was Finn’s first day of second grade. There was a ton of first-day jitters all around, but his day went well. We left for school with plenty of time to play at the park beforehand.


Second grader!


B not cool with Finn joining him for a picture. Also proving he can climb playground equipment just as easily as he can scale the sofas. Or the tables. Or chairs.


Crazy baby. Sweet photo taken by Finnian.


Trying (and failing) to recapture the Forrest Gump-esque first day of Kindergarten photo.

Beckett and I passed the time doing housework, then we got adventurous and decided to bake a cake from scratch. That went surprisingly well, thanks to a chair at the sink and letting him help wash the dishes while I made the batter. It even went much better than cleaning the clutter from the dining room table. It turned out that the stacks of books and papers on the table were actually serving as Beckett deterrent. I am seriously considering removing all furniture from the house. Big empty rooms with beanbag chairs might be the only way to keep B’s feet on the floor for more than thirty seconds at a time.


After successfully posting something every day in November, I gave myself a long weekend, lol. December tends to be busy, so I’m being a little less ambitious with a 2-3 times a week goal.

Random news: Beckett is fine. The weirdness in the first blood test was totally gone in the second one other than the slight anemia. So yay! I’m on the fence again about giving an iron supplement because he’s in the range where it depends on who you ask whether he really needs it. Plus the only infant supplement I can find is the Poly-Vi-Sol smells like vomit made by Enfamil crap. Even Mr. Everything Goes in My Mouth seals his lips the second I open the bottle because it’s that bad. His doctor did suggest that I see if I can get some of the flavoring stuff from a pharmacy to mask it. Really, though, it seems like there should be a better way to go about it.

Beckett claps now, and will clap for almost anything, except when I have the video camera running. He also started doing the Itsy Bitsy Spider last night.

Finnian is supposed to be reading at a level 8 by Christmas and a level 18 by the end of the year in order to be promoted to second grade. The teacher sent out reading progress reports with their second six weeks report card. Finnian is already reading at a level 18. 🙂

My Lemongrass Soap is featured in this lovely treasury. Please take a look. 🙂

I’ve decided to combine my vintage and handmade shops. Keeping up with both was a hassle, and I don’t usually have a ton of vintage to list at one time anyway. It is all at SubEarthan Cottage now.

My big first grader

In case you are wondering, yes, he dresses himself and yes, he has ad a haircut since the pictures were taken. I kinda miss the shaggy puppy look.

First Grade

My big boy started first grade today. Finnian was a little nervous, but much like last year, he practically kicked me out of the building once he met up with the other first graders in the gym.

Meanwhile, Beckett is trying to fill his brother’s shoes by not napping and playing with Legos on the floor.

I guess technically they are Duplo blocks, not Legos. 

Finnian on meeting his teacher.

End of the School Year Wrap-up

Scenes from Finnian’s last days of school.
Showing off his box car for the box car parade. 

Headed to school on Field Day

Last day!

Waiting for Big Bro after school.

(Un)enthusiastically posing for pictures with his awards for mom.

Acting goofy.

Awards and three weeks

Beckett at three weeks. Yes I’m a little behind  posting this. Sorry.

Finnian’s class entering for his 4th six weeks awards ceremony.

Finn getting his award for all Es in conduct. I don’t know why my camera decided to make this picture blurry.

If they were giving awards for quiet babies, Becket would have gotten one. (THANK YOU!!!)  He made up for it yesterday, though.
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