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Early morning

Beckett woke me up at 5:30 this morning by crawling over and laying across my back. I’m assuming it has something to do with teething, because my other likely options for a wakeful, cranky baby are 1) about to come down with the flu or 2) about to come down with strep throat.

I tried to get him back to sleep for a little longer, but it didn’t work. Instead I used the extra time to cook breakfast instead of something cold or having Finn eat at school. Since the weather was nice we walked, freeing up more time usually spent in the car. We even had time to play at the park.

Stay Puft Costume round up.

Here’s the final Baby Stay Puft (or Sweetpea or little sailor) costume. Not too bad. 🙂

To see how I did it:
Phase 1
Phase 2.1
Phase 2.2
Phase 2.3
Phase 3

Beckett’s Costume – Phase 3

Phase 3 is the accessories. Beckett was sick Friday night and Saturday morning, so I was in a rush to finish everything in between him needing mommy cuddles to feel better. I didn’t get as many step by step pictures, but really, they are just a bib and a baby hat. If you are trying to make a similar costume, there are a million different hat and bib tutorials out there by people better at writing tutorials than me.

I agonized the whole time  over how to make a hat like Mr. Stay Puft’s. I finally decided to make it easy on myself and do a simple baby hat inspired by the original. Honestly I think it looks a little wonky, so you may want to find a different way to do it. Here’s how I did Beckett’s, though.

I measured Beckett’s head (18 inches) and divided the measurement by three (6 inches). Then I traced one of Finn’s knit caps on a sheet of paper. I centered six inches on the bottom line and slimmed down Finn’s hat pattern to make my pattern piece. That probably makes no sense to anyone but me. The pattern piece is on the right side of the photo, so maybe seeing it will help.

 I cut three pieces from the leftover sleeve pieces using the pattern and surged them to make the hat.

I cut a strip of navy fleece to make a band/cuff for the hat. Before sewing it to the hat, I used iron on letters to write “Stay Puft”. Then I sewed it into a circle and attached it to the hat. I sewed red ribbon to the top and tacked it so it falls properly.

The bib is based on a pattern I made from one of Beckett’s bibs. I squared off the bottom similar to Mr. Stay Puft’s collar. I used some random navy fabric from my stash, white ribbon for the trim, Velcro for the closure and the same red ribbon I used on the hat for the tie.

 Rather than make the tie s separate piece, I knotted it and stitched it to the back of the bib.

Tomorrow I’ll take a picture of the whole outfit on my little marshmallow. For now, I’ll leave you with this:

Phase 1, Phase 2.1, Phase 2.2, Phase 2.3

Beckett’s Costume – Phase 2.3

FYI, snap tape is a pain to work with. It seemed like it would be simple to just sew it in, but I had a really hard time staying on the edge without hitting the snaps. I tried using a zipper foot as recommended, but ended up going back to my regular (zig-zag?) foot and raising it around the snaps.

Gratuitous Beckett pic.

 This picture shows my crooked stitching and that the snaps face the inside of the jumper.

Before sewing in the other strip of snap tape I serged the edge because this side won’t be folded under. Since fleece doesn’t fray that was really unnecessary, but I love my serger and make up excuses to use it.


Slightly less crooked stitching.

Front completed.

Giant baby-head clearance opening on the back. I had planned to use snap tape,but I ran out. I decided to make it a button closure, which was way less scary than I thought. I did the same perpendicular seam at the top of the back seam as I did at the crotch to separate the button placket.

More unnecessary serging along the cut edges and a straight stitch along the inside edge of the button placket. 

Mr. Marshmallow. I should have added a gusset to for diaper room. He is wearing a super thick nighttime cloth diaper in the picture, though, so it shouldn’t be as snug with a regular diaper. 

Marshmallow jumper complete. On to Phase 3 – the collar.

Phase 1, Phase 2.1, Phase 2.2

Beckett’s Costume Phase 2.2

I’m still in Phase 2, the jumper phase.
This picture is showing how I pinned the sleeves in.

This shows how I tapered the underarm seam to get rid of the weird hip points from Phase 2.1.

I wanted to shrink the width a little but leave it big enough to look like a puffy marshmallow. I used the jumper that fits Beckett as a guide and added about an inch on top of that to mark where I would sew the front and back seams.

I marked where to stop for the legs with three red pins.



Front seam done!

Here I have the back seam pinned. I started it a few inches down to add a button closure for giant baby head clearance.

 I stitched a line perpendicular to each seam at the end of both the front and back seam.

I cut inside the seam to create a continuous strip for me to attach the snap tape.

Here I have the first part of snap tape pinned in. When I sew it, I will fold it in the width of the tape and stitch all around the edge. 

And here’s where Beckett got too fussy for me to continue for the night.

Beckett’s Costume – Phase 2.1

Beckett actually gave me a few minutes to work on his costume this morning. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

First I turned the shirt inside out and cut off the sleeves just inside the seams. Then I took a picture with my camera in need if batteries.

I folded the shirt in half matching all seams to be symmetrical. then I cut it down the middle along the fold.

Starting at the cuff, I matched the sleeve of my guide jumper to one of the sleeves and marked it about an inch longer. I cut it wiith a slight curve to match the jumper’s arm hole seam.

I used the first sleeve as a pattern to carefully cut the second sleeve while holding a cranky, teething Beckett.

Cranky, teething Beckett.

I don’t have pictures for this part, but I pinned one shortened sleeve into the arm hole with right sides together. (If you’re following along, remember that there is a top and bottom to the sleeve because of how it is cut with the slight curve.) There was hole under the sleeve since the new sleeve is smaller. Once I got the sleeve pinned, I sewed up the underarm hole and tried to taper it out a little. Then I sewed on the arm.

Beckett tried on the new sleeve. It’s a little big, but poofybunchy is good for the costume and it gives him a little room to grow.

Here it is flat. You can see I need to do something to soften the weird hip point. I will probably do the other side the same way first, though, and then fix them both at the same time.

Time to break for lunch and to replace my camera batteries.

Phase 1 is here.

Back to work

With Beckett getting better at entertaining himself for a few minutes, I’ve been able to make some new items for SubEarthan Cottage. After getting them listed this morning, I realized it’s pretty clear they have a “new mom” theme. Click on any of the images to see all similar items shop.

First, we have the coffee cozies, because, duh.

Is it just me, or does that look like a fried egg in the middle of the big flower?

Then we have bibs, because occasionally kids have to wear clothes while eating.


Finally, we have rice packs, because after bending over for the 5,740 time to lift your little ton of bricks bundle of joy, your muscles need a little soothing. Pick your favorite fabric!

My attempt at artsy.

And, of course I had to share a pic of my little model.

Doesn’t everyone wear a bib while sitting on the bedroom floor?

All items can be found in my Etsy shop:

Walking to school

With the weather finally cooling off (it’s only supposed to be 93 today!) I’ve started walking Finn to school. I  hope we have enough good weather this school year to walk most days. Both boys enjoy it and it makes our mornings much less hectic. It also lets me put my cool Joovy thrift store find to use. (BTW, if anyone has a stray snack tray for it they want to part with, let me know. I could just order one from the website, but that would kill the whole second-hand vibe. And they cost more than I paid for the stroller.)

Ready to go.

Needed more coffee. And a more flattering angle.

Happy Beckett.

We are entering the perpetually messy face phase.

Shadow totally took advantage of my photo preoccupation to give icky face kisses. At least  B thought it was funny.

Long overdue trip photos

Here are the long awaited (or not) pictures from our Panhandle trip.

Sleeping in after the 7 hour drive

Fun at Grandma’s

Couldn’t resist…

This is what was supposed to be in the box.

Aunt Bobbie, Grandma, Beck and Finn.

Fun in the pool

Who is he squirting……

Uncle Josh!

The babies. Mr. B is 10 months younger and about a ton heavier.

Cool alien-looking wind generators. Odd, the panhandle doesn’t need help generating wind……

With Grandma before heading home.

Shopping with Beckett

I needed to pick up a prescription refill and some birthday cake supplies from the grocery store this morning. I was pretty sure that the pharmacy didn’t open until sometime after 8:30am, but I really didn’t want to go home just to get Beckett back into his car seat one more time then necessary. I killed time by stopping to top up the gas tank and then top up and change Beckett in the parking lot.

By the time we made it to the store, we still had about 25 minutes until the pharmacy opened. My plan was to shop slooooowly. Of course this meant Beckett decided to get fussy about the same time we walked in the door. I use a ring sling for shopping that usually keeps him happy, but he was starting to get tired and cranky. With some of the horror-ish stories I’ve heard since the whole “Mom Enough” TIME mess, I’ve been on guard when I’m out with Beckett. I half expect someone to feel the need to tell me what I’m doing wrong since I’m obviously one of those crazy babywearing, breastfeeding, attachment parenting weirdos. Probably a case of lingering postpartum paranoia, but whatever. A happy sling baby is harder to argue with than a cranky sling baby.

Luckily all the comments we got today were either sympathetic or of the “aww, how cute” variety. Beckett had one lady particularly entertained by smiling at her while continuing to share his displeasure with me by growling. Yes, my baby growls when he needs to complain without full-on crying.

It only took 10 minutes to get everything we needed and Beckett’s growls were starting to turn into cries. The pharmacy was still deserted which probably meant I’d have to wait for them to get everything up and running after waiting the 10-15 minutes for them to open. Beckett wasn’t going to make it, so we bought our things and left.

In the five minutes it took us to get home, Beckett went from fussy baby to this:

If only he had fallen asleep in the sling, I could have gotten everything done. Oh well. On my way out, I noticed Blue Bell is on sale, so we can stock up when we go back later today. 🙂

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