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Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 8

— 1 —

Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing, for the most part. The turkey was yummy, although the bacon prevented the skin from getting crispy. But, there was bacon. We kept things fairly simple. I didn’t even have a pumpkin or pecan pie. None of us LOVE them, and Blue Bell was on sale, so we went with ice cream. Last night, though, I oddly craved pumpkin pie. Must be some weird turkey association. If we’re crazy enough to leave the house today, I may see if Kroger has any pumpkin pies left.

— 2 —

Sweet moment I caught while setting the table.

— 3 —

Beckett has developed a way to critique food. If he likes something, he holds it up in the air and babbles about it for a few seconds. Foods he’s less than fond of get dropped unceremoniously off his tray. He approved of the turkey and disapproved the dressing. He seemed to like the cranberry sauce, but it was too slippery for a full, over-the-head approval.

— 4 —
Beckett had his 9 month check-up Wednesday of last week. He’s doctor likes to do blood work at that check-up to check for anemia and lead and maybe some other things. I missed a call from her Friday evening, so I called the office Monday to find out the results. Normally they leave an “everything’s fine” message if the results are normal, so I’m assuming something is up. Her nurse returned my call Monday afternoon to tell me that the doctor wants to discuss the test results with me, the doctor is out of the office until this coming Monday and no, she can’t tell me anything, I have to wait for the doctor. Fun times. Last year at Thanksgiving I was hoping that Mr. B wasn’t anemic. This year, I’m all “Fingers crossed for anemia!”
— 5 —

I woke up this morning with another sinus headache. It’s beginning to become a Friday tradition. ūüėõ Today I was lucky in that Chris was here to watch the kiddos, make me coffee and start a shower for me so I could attack it with hot steam and¬†caffeine since the Sudafed and ibuprofen weren’t working.¬†It has calmed to a dull ache, as long as I don’t bend over, or move my head in general. Thank you crazy Texas weather.

— 6 —

I’m thinking I need to do a “5 Quick Takes Friday”, since I seem to lose steam after five. I know my life has to be interesting enough to post seven random, interesting things every¬†Friday. I suppose I could go to Walmart for five minutes. That should give me enough material for all seven posts today. The only problem is that I am not insane.

— 7 —

I can’t decide where to put the Christmas tree. We have a nice, fluffy, big tree that is huge in our house, and we have a smaller, slightly Charlie Brownish tree that I bought last year thinking it would work better. I would really like to go all out and do the pretty tree, but I’m having a hard enough finding the room for even the Charlie Brown tree.

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Baby update

Today’s appointment with my normal OB went well, for the most part. She asked how much longer the specialist wants to see me. I told her that since the numbers they’re watching for the baby’s anemia are still higher than the normal range that they want to keep monitoring me. She is going to talk to the specialist about it in more detail, but if there is still a real concern about the anemia, then they will probably recommend an induction at 37 weeks. That’s Valentine’s week, according to my doctor. I think I’m about 5-6 days ahead of that, so it’s closer to 38 weeks according to me.

Most likely the uncertainty with the numbers is due to him being larger than average and being far enough along that there just isn’t enough data to really know what’s normal and what’s a problem. By 37 weeks, though, he should be okay to be delivered, and if there is a problem from the parvo (fifth disease), it’s much easier and safer to deal with in a newborn than in utero.

I’ll see both doctors on Tuesday and we should have a decision then. When my OB first mentioned it, I was concerned about inducing early and possible complications from that, but honestly I’ve been hoping he comes safely early because of the uncertainty with the anemia and knowing that once he’s here, they can do a blood test to know for sure and do a transfusion easily if needed. It’s funny, when everyone started making bets on when little Beckett will arrive, I picked February 17, even though my first was born the day after his due date with the help of some Pitocin. As I left the OB’s office it dawned on me that the 17th is totally¬†plausible¬†if they induce. I suppose it would be cheating to specifically request the 17th just so I’m right.

So, for the next week I will be working like a mad woman trying to get everything ready just in case. I’m hoping some of that mythical nesting energy I’ve heard of but never experienced kicks in ASAP. It would be even nicer if my extra¬†preparation¬†efforts resulted in some natural progress on the baby front. I’d feel much better about an induction if it looked like things were already headed in the right direction.

Seriously Beckett?

Aka, another whiny pregnancy post with a semi informative update in the first paragraph.

Had another sonogram appointment at the specialist today. Mr. Beckett’s numbers were higher than they should be with a few super high spikes. Everything else looks good, and there really shouldn’t be any problems from the parvo this long after exposure, so the doctor didn’t seem too worried. Because of the spikes, though, I get to go back on Thursday for another sono to make sure he still looks okay and see what the numbers look like then.

While I’m glad to be able to keep an eye on things, these appointments are never exactly fun for me. Today I had a few new things added for extra excitement. One, the nausea and hot flashes from the first trimester have returned for round two.¬† So, most of the time, anything that isn’t eating (but only greasy carb and protein laden junk with an occasional piece of fruit), sleeping, or sticking my head in the freezer isn’t on my “favorite things to do” list. Two, today Beckett decided to have his head turned with the part they needed to see pointing at my tailbone. This led to having me completely flat on my back for a while (not fun), then poking, prodding and jiggling him around to try to get him to move a little (less fun for both of us, I think) and finally tilting the table I was on down at my head so I had all my blood and thankfully not what little breakfast I managed rushing to my head (yuck). And the little stinker still had his hands over his face so I didn’t even get a good look at him after all that.¬†

So, to Mr. Beckett: While I am very glad that you are more or less in the “ready” position, if you could please, turn your head slightly at our future appointments so that the nice sono lady can get accurate measurements without torturing us, I would really appreciate it.

And on a slightly different note, I had a total stranger comment on my being pregnant. That actually made me happy, because I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone comment in either pregnancy before today that I didn’t have to say something first. So I must look obviously pregnant, which is better than maybe pregnant or “gee, someone’s putting on weight.” So, yay for that, and yay for a probably healthy if a little bit uncooperative baby.

Yes, I’m still here.

No I haven’t fallen off a cliff since my last real post months ago. Life just got really crazy sometime shortly after Halloween. If you’re a Facebook friend, you can probably just skip this update because you’ve probably heard it all already. Also, if you’re expecting and would rather not hear about any pregnancy complications you should probably skip this entry.

Sometime around the end of October I caught the Parvo B19 virus, aka Fifth disease. I won’t bore you with tons of details about the disease, but this site has a lot of info if you are interested:

In a nutshell, it is something you do not want to get while you are pregnant because it can be very bad for the baby. Otherwise it is ¬†pretty common, especially among children, and usually so mild that you might not even know you have it. In my case, I wouldn’t have even known that anything was wrong, except that my son developed a lacy rash about a week after being sick for two days with what I attributed to a bad cold. The same day he had the rash I noticed a similar rash on myself that I had first attributed to wearing a shirt washed in a different laundry detergent. At that point I thought it might be worth it to mention it to my Doctor and have the blood test done to check for Fifth, just in case.

Luckily for baby Beckett and I, we were just past the twenty week mark when I was exposed, which makes for a better prognosis. Even so, the weekly¬†Doppler¬†studies I’ve had since have shown signs of fetal anemia, ranging from severe in the beginning to mild the rest of the time. At around 23-24 weeks, there was concern that he would need a transfusion, so I was given steroid shots to help develop his lungs just in case a transfusion was necessary and something went wrong during the procedure resulting in him being a very preemie baby. The numbers¬†stabilized before a transfusion became necessary, though. ūüôā

Normally, he would only be monitored for about eight weeks because the disease has usually resolved by then. Last week, though, his numbers randomly spiked, so we will continue our weekly visits with the specialist indefinitely. Well, I guess, not indefinitely, since he will be born at some point and then weekly sonograms would just be silly. So far, though he appears to be an otherwise healthy, large baby.

I’m so glad that we have the technology to monitor him and to do fetal transfusions if that had been necessary. The extra weekly visits are stressful for me, though. I think he’s getting sick of them, too. I calculated that between the normal sonos I had with my regular OB and the sonos for the¬†Doppler study, I’ve had 17 sonograms done with more to come. All that poking and prodding might explain why Beckett actually turned his head and put his hands up over his face at the last sono when my awesome sono technician tried¬†to get a cute shot of his face. It also might explain why he’s so¬†eager¬†to, um, flash his goods anytime she looks near that general area. I always thought it was just a little boy thing, but I’m beginning to think Beckett is trying to send us a message to leave him alone. If he hates having his picture taken later on, I’m totally blaming it on this.

One thing that is becoming a bit of a concern is his size. With seven or eight weeks to go, depending on who you ask, Beckett appears to be about 5lbs and 5oz. I’m not really surprised or worried, because Finnian was an 8lb 7.5oz baby. What concerns me is that the doctors might start worrying over his size and want to jump to an induction or c-section. I love my doctors, and I do trust them, but it will take more than “he’s measuring big” to make me comfortable with either intervention, especially since I’ve already had one big baby with very few complications.

Anyway, with all the doctor visits, stress and holiday craziness, blogging hasn’t exactly been at the top of my to do list. Sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll be back full steam sharing more than you’d ever want to know soon. ūüėČ

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