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Newest Creation from SubEarthan Cottage: Handmade Washcloths

Set of Three Hand Knit Washcloths in Neopolitan White by sophiecls.

I love these handmade washcloths. I am incredibly careful but slooooow when it comes to knitting and almost as slow with crochet. If you want them, get them now, because it will probably be another six months before I have a set finished.

Also, does anyone else want to spell “washcloths” as “washclothes”? Because I am constantly trying to do that.  Thank goodness for spell check. Washclothes does seem practical as its own word, though. I think I’ll define it as ” The clothing one wears on laundry day because everything else is dirty. Often riddled with stains, holes or serious 80s flair.”

Three handmade washcloths

What I did before 9am.

Got up and dressed.
Nearly tripped over the dog.
Woke up the kiddo and got him dressed.
Made lunches for the kiddo and hubby while trying not to trip over the dog.
Made breakfast for the kiddo.
Put the dog outside.
Started a load of laundry.
Got the dryer’s info so I could pick up a new dryer belt and finish laundry later. (Yes, my dryer joined the revolt. See Appliances are People Too and The Battle Rages On.)
Took out the trash.
Took hubs to work.
Drove kiddo to school while helping him work on sounding out and writing words.
Waited with kiddo in the school cafeteria for his teacher to meet his class.
Picked up a few things at the grocery store.
Picked up a new dryer belt.
Fed the dog.
Made fake coffee and microwave sausage biscuits for myself.
Sat down.

Will the laundry ever end? by naomisnotions on Etsy

Will the laundry ever end? by naomisnotions on Etsy.

‘Will the laundry ever end?’ by naomisnotions

Citrus Laundry Soap


Dirty Girl Ultimate Laundry …


Laundry is My Life…. Handm…


laundry white on natural fat…


Laundry Room Wall Decor Pers…


Eco Friendly Laundry Sheet f…


Lucca Laundry: 5×7 Photo Tak…


Upcycled Laundry Bottle Ring


Clothespin Laundry Wreath 12…


Laundry Hamper


Apron On A Laundry Line -Whi…


Laundry Soap Bars for Stain …


Lavender Laundry Handmade So…


Mrs. Least Weasel’s Laun…


Laundry Soap Powder – Apple …


Waiting For The Rain to Stop…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

End of Summer Kite Flying

My boys kite flying on Labor Day weekend. We found that kite at Thrift Town for five bucks. Best. kite. EVER. Even though the wind was unsteady, once Chris got it in the air, it would fly for five minutes at a time. Finn was even able to keep it in the air fairly easily.

To see the full size-pictures, click on them.

Wash Day Etsy Treasury

‘Wash Day’ by merichie86

Fresh. Clean. Green. Spring.I’m studying for finals but would rather be doing some spring cleaning. The result? I’ve spent my study breaks creating a treasury inspired by spring cleaning…instead of actually cleaning house. Go figure.

Vintage shaving mirror with …


vintage rolling laundry cart


5 x 5 Hipstamatic Photo-Spin…


Vintage Industrial Garment R…


antique tub


love always wins 8.5×11


Brass Bathtub Soap and Spong…


Turkish Bath Towel – Commage…


Clean and Simple Laundry Soa…


Key Lime Pie Bath Pouf


Sprinkler Draw-Off Vintage I…


All natural naked soap


Vintage Metal Sprinkler


Sugar Cane and Shea Natural …


DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recip…


Vintage Weathered Clothespin…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

“Laundry” Etsy Treasury

‘Laundry’ by ZsBcreations

Organic Beach Bath Family To…




Pastel Blue/ Chocolate Vinta…


Extra Large Diaper Pail Line…


Laundry Soap–Truly All Natu…


Lavender Laundry Soap Sachet…


Canal houses – A2 Super larg…




Dress up ponytail holder


Eco-Friendly Household Clean…


Laundry day, 8×8 fine art ph…


Drying Sock on a Washingline…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Quick Update: Crock pot lentil soup

Here’s how the Crock pot lentil soup turned out:

I thought it was good but not something I’d want to eat too frequently.

Finn didn’t really like it. He’s four and has a cold, so that may change.

Christopher had three bowls and is taking leftovers for lunch today.

I was hoping it would taste more like some lentil soup I’d eaten this weekend. It had a lighter but still super-flavorful taste. The soup I made last night had a deep, earthy flavor.

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