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Five minute jogging stroller rain shield

I’m really hoping Friday marked the beginning of a nice, rainy fall. I love rain, but hate driving to pick Finn up from school. The car line is almost impossible to deal with, so I always park nearby and walk up. With the time it takes to get Beckett in and out of the car at home and at the school, finding a place to park and then fighting the traffic to get in and out, I’m almost positive walking is quicker. It’s certainly more pleasant. So, I decided to make a rain cover for the stroller. I don’t mind a little rain, but Beckett hates it. Weirdo.

I went the incredibly quick, made with stuff on hand route. I may upgrade it in the future, but for now I’m sure it will do. First, I took some clear vinyl material that has been sitting in my stash for years now and draped it over the stroller where I wanted it and trimmed of the excess length. Then I measured the sides from the edge of the vinyl to the frame of the stroller (14 inches for each side in my case). That part I planned to do in some sort of breathable fabric.


To attach it to the frame, I planned to use elastic around the edge. That idea came one day last week when I thought I might have to walk in the rain and discovered that a fitted crib sheet almost fit perfectly in place over the stroller. I have some thrifted sheets, so I found a fitted twin and cut the 14 inches off ends with the elastic. I used the serger to attach the cut sides of the sheet to the long sides of the vinyl. (Note to self: vinyl goes on TOP near the foot, not on bottom.) Once I figured out proper material placement, constructing it took maybe three minutes.

It’s still not snuggly fitted, but with a couple of binder clips to tighten the top edge it would have worked for Friday if I hadn’t chickened out due to the possibility of thunderstorms. Rain I can handle, but dodging lightening is a bit much. I will probably add a few darts or snaps to snug it up some if I think it will be used a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m cooking for my little clan this year, and I love it. As much as I enjoy getting together with family, when it’s just us, there’s no pressure. I still do all the important (to me) foods and in the same quantity as if we had a full house. The best part? Cooking a lot at once is really not much different than cooking a scaled down version of the same stuff. Then you have leftovers. Yummy Thanksgiving leftovers that could potentially eliminate the need to cook much of anything for the next week. You could even make a few turkey pies with just a little effort and freeze them ahead for a few nights of not cooking down the road. It’s like a little present to myself.

Last year we went elsewhere for Thanksgiving day, and I ended up cooking a whole Thanksgiving dinner at home a few days later because not having leftovers was sad. (I was also pregnant and hungry. That may or may not have had anything to do with it.)

I got a little crazy this year with the turkey. Normally I just season it with random herbs and oil or butter it before roasting. This year…

Beckett’s only got a pound on this bird.

I’ve always thought bacon would help keep the breast meat moist and extra yummy, but I’ve never tried it. All the lattice woven bacon birds on Pinterest gave me the nudge to try it, sans bacon weaving. As added insurance, I shot the bird full of butter marinade. If this isn’t the yummiest, juiciest turkey ever, I probably don’t deserve to cook turkey.

Have a great day!

Quick Takes Friday, 3rd edition

— 1 —

I’ve decided I need to move someplace that has one month of winter, one month of summer and fall the rest of the year. I’m getting tired of sweating one day and freezing the next, or, better yet, freezing in the morning, sweating in the afternoon and switching back to freezing around 2am.

— 2 —

With Beckett trying to spend as much time on his own two feet as possible, I am fighting the urge to bubble wrap everything, including our hardwood floors. I get the easy clean-up and less allergens, but I want carpet. Wall-to-wall carpet, not just area rugs. It makes crawling around on the floor chasing after babies easier and it’s a lot softer for babies who fall down 5,872 times a day.

— 3 —

New home builders should start including an extra room in their floor plans designed for the sole purpose of storing outgrown children’s clothing and baby gear. It should have deep wall to wall shelves on one side, enough built in drawers to hold about five years worth of clothing and special hooks/cubbies to accommodate all the big items.

— 4 —

I actually enjoy good political discussions and debates, so election years are fun for me. What really bugs me, though, are the nicknames people give to The Other Candidate or The Other Party. It bothers me whether they are doing it to My Candidate or The Other Candidate. To me, it makes me discount everything the person is saying if they can’t make their point without being rude. I fully support people making use of their right to free speech however they choose. If they really want me to take them seriously, though, they’ll make their point using respectful language that would make nice old ladies proud.

— 5 —

My earlier style post has me wondering what exactly are “mom jeans”? When I was younger, mom jeans were high-waisted, tapered-to-the-ankle jeans. Sometimes pleats were involved. Boot cut jeans were considered universally flattering and makeover shows everywhere convinced women to ditch their “mom jeans” in favor of boot cuts, regardless of whether you even owned a pair of boots. Now I’m hearing boot cut jeans being labeled “mom jeans”.  So, what are the current “mom jeans”, or possibly more important, what aren’t? If my only non-mom jean options are low rise or skinny, I’m screwed.

— 6 —

At least 95% of my posts are typed one handed with either a wiggly or sleeping Beckett on my lap. Sometimes this results in typos or poorly phrased sentences. The me who needs to do something semi-creative even if it isn’t perfect and the former grammar police editor me are constantly at odds over this current fact of life.

— 7 —

I still need to make Beckett’s Halloween costume. I think I have decided on the Stay-Puft marshmallow man. I don’t think he’ll hate me too much. I suppose if I don’t get his costume worked out, I could just dress him in normal baby clothes and say he is Stormageddon. Either way.
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Weekend Pictures a day late

Music at Central Market.

Crazy Finnian at the Central Market playground.

Finn and Chris getting ready to test at their Wing-Jitsu class.

Storyteller at the Bob Jones Nature Center.

Giant turtle.

Tiny turtle.

Unidentified but cool looking plant. (Anyone know what it is?)

Finnian and his friend walking on a log. (duh.)

Chris and I on a really cool metal butterfly bench. I want one.

It’s about time.

I am so glad Fall is officially here. Yes, it’s still going to be in the 90s this afternoon, but at least our evenings are cooler and the mornings are consistently below 80 degrees. And it hasn’t been over 100 degrees in at least a week, I think.

Finnian enjoying the cool morning air at the playground.

Also, we have about two weeks until we get to find out if this baby is another Christopher clone or a little lady to help me balance out the testosterone. If s/he cooperates, that is. With Finn, I didn’t want to know at first, but ended up finding out at a later ultrasound anyway. Since I want to know this time, I fully expect my child to be difficult about it.

Anyway, on the right side of the blog there’s a poll. The voting closes at 9AM on Oct. 13. If you guess right, you’ll win the privilege of the first diaper change. Or something less disgusting. Hmmm, how about a high-five? Okay, so there’s no real prize other than the satisfaction of getting to say “I told you so.” But that’s pretty good, right?

My Weekend in Pictures

Christopher and Finnian’s Martial Arts class.
Reading at Barnes and Noble.
Downtown Fort Worth.
Awesome alley/courtyard thingy.


Pumpkin Spice Latte made with fake coffee. Yum.

More yummy.

This used to be the back entrance to Billy Miner’s. Sadness.

I love everything about this building, especially the sign.

My monkey.

Game of chess at the Worthington.

Treasury: I love fall by sophiecls on Etsy

I love fall by sophiecls on Etsy.

‘I love fall’ by sophiecls

Original oil painting Fall L…


Fall Wreath- Chinese Lantern…


Tree Wall Decal Fall Tree


autumn color halloween thank…


Fall Burlap Banner / Bunting


Edible Sugar Fall Leaves 1…


Mini Pumpkins Dried Putka Po…


Autumn Splendor Boutonniere …


AUTUMN DAWN Wedding Bouquet …


Autumn Rose Hair Luxe – Oran…


Sentimental Journey – Autumn…


Autumn Fall Quilt Grand Fina…


Cloth Napkins: Modern Autumn…


Autumn Tree with Leaves Blow…


Autumn in the Meadow Easy Qu…


Autumn sunset CUFF BRACELET


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

End of Summer Kite Flying

My boys kite flying on Labor Day weekend. We found that kite at Thrift Town for five bucks. Best. kite. EVER. Even though the wind was unsteady, once Chris got it in the air, it would fly for five minutes at a time. Finn was even able to keep it in the air fairly easily.

To see the full size-pictures, click on them.

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