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Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 8

— 1 —

Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing, for the most part. The turkey was yummy, although the bacon prevented the skin from getting crispy. But, there was bacon. We kept things fairly simple. I didn’t even have a pumpkin or pecan pie. None of us LOVE them, and Blue Bell was on sale, so we went with ice cream. Last night, though, I oddly craved pumpkin pie. Must be some weird turkey association. If we’re crazy enough to leave the house today, I may see if Kroger has any pumpkin pies left.

— 2 —

Sweet moment I caught while setting the table.

— 3 —

Beckett has developed a way to critique food. If he likes something, he holds it up in the air and babbles about it for a few seconds. Foods he’s less than fond of get dropped unceremoniously off his tray. He approved of the turkey and disapproved the dressing. He seemed to like the cranberry sauce, but it was too slippery for a full, over-the-head approval.

— 4 —
Beckett had his 9 month check-up Wednesday of last week. He’s doctor likes to do blood work at that check-up to check for anemia and lead and maybe some other things. I missed a call from her Friday evening, so I called the office Monday to find out the results. Normally they leave an “everything’s fine” message if the results are normal, so I’m assuming something is up. Her nurse returned my call Monday afternoon to tell me that the doctor wants to discuss the test results with me, the doctor is out of the office until this coming Monday and no, she can’t tell me anything, I have to wait for the doctor. Fun times. Last year at Thanksgiving I was hoping that Mr. B wasn’t anemic. This year, I’m all “Fingers crossed for anemia!”
— 5 —

I woke up this morning with another sinus headache. It’s beginning to become a Friday tradition. ūüėõ Today I was lucky in that Chris was here to watch the kiddos, make me coffee and start a shower for me so I could attack it with hot steam and¬†caffeine since the Sudafed and ibuprofen weren’t working.¬†It has calmed to a dull ache, as long as I don’t bend over, or move my head in general. Thank you crazy Texas weather.

— 6 —

I’m thinking I need to do a “5 Quick Takes Friday”, since I seem to lose steam after five. I know my life has to be interesting enough to post seven random, interesting things every¬†Friday. I suppose I could go to Walmart for five minutes. That should give me enough material for all seven posts today. The only problem is that I am not insane.

— 7 —

I can’t decide where to put the Christmas tree. We have a nice, fluffy, big tree that is huge in our house, and we have a smaller, slightly Charlie Brownish tree that I bought last year thinking it would work better. I would really like to go all out and do the pretty tree, but I’m having a hard enough finding the room for even the Charlie Brown tree.

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Haircut and 9 months


Why is my big brother crazy?

About to do “Chucky eyes”. (Who let their 6 year old watch Chucky?!?!?)

Outta here.

Tricked into a semi-normal shot to show off his new, non-mom haircut.

Nine month old chubchub wondering what the heck he’s gotten into.

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Why I kind of like Mondays.

I love being home with my family. I love hanging out at home watching movies or going on adventures to exotic places like Thrift Town or WalMart together. I love watching the boys play together. I love not having to rush to go anywhere.


Chris was sick this weekend *coughmanflucough*. So he needed to rest, which meant that I still had to manage the kiddos while trying to get things done. Fine, I can do that. But I also had to do things differently than I would if it was just me and the boys, since he was home. Not bad different, just slightly more work different.

For example, if Finn and Beckett and I got busy playing or if I managed to really work on cleaning while they kept each other entertained and lunch rolled around, I could throw together a pbj and carrots for Finn, some applesauce and/or toast for Beckett and any of the above for myself. Done. Breakfast could be oatmeal or cold cereal or scrambled eggs. Chris, on the other hand, requires more food. And when he’s sick, I’m cooking and entertaining the baby and fielding Finn’s 1,000 questions while he rests.

Fine. Just like in any group situation, when one person needs help, the rest have to chip in so everything keeps moving along as it should.

Even on a normal, everyone healthy weekend, though, I have Finnian, who will never ever need coffee if he maintains his energy when he’s older, and Beckett, who wants to be held or wants to get into everything. With Finn around, Beckett doesn’t nap well at all, either because B is excited that Finn is here or because Finnian is noisy. I really don’t think Finn can help it. He does try, but I think six year old boys have their own volume settings of noisy, noisier and really, really loud. The more he tries to be quiet, the louder he seems to be. Even though I try to keep the tv or radio on during the week, Finnian noise isn’t something Beckett can sleep through.

Since Chris is off on weekends, he understandably wants to work on things he can’t get done during the week. So, I try to work around his plans for meals, grocery shopping, etc. He says I don’t have to do this, but one of my biggest peeves is cooking a meal and not having everyone at the table eating together shortly after it is ready. Trying to time it so we can all sit down together is my way of trying to keep everyone happy (read “not kill someone”).

With everyone home all day, there is more mess, more laundry, more dirty dishes, and more cooking. There’s less sleep for Beckett and less time for me to do what needs to be done.

Weekdays, however, I set the schedule. Sure, there’s the morning rush to get everyone out the door on time and the afternoon pick-up, but everything in between is on my time. Beckett actually takes decent naps, even if they usually happen while I’m holding him. I get a break while he naps or I can take care of bills and anything else I can do one handed while sitting. Since he’s able to nap, he isn’t cranky later so I can be more productive. With just the two of us home, I can clean without worrying about someone making more mess behind. (Usually. Beckett is getting good at dumping things out.)

If I have the car and need to run errands, I can leave as soon as I’m ready. I don’t have to wait for Finn to put on his shoes or for Chris to stop whatever he’s working on to watch Finn. I can time the errands so we leave as soon as Beckett wakes up from a nap so I have plenty of time to get everything done before he’s tired and cranky. Meals are easier because everyone is on their weekday schedule, so everyone is ready to eat at about the same time.

Complaints aside, I do miss the time together during the week and I do look forward to the weekend. But, I do look forward to 8:30 on Monday morning when the house is calm and my coffee is ready and Beckett is starting to get sleepy and ready to nurse down for his first and usually longest nap.  That is my time to make plans for the week and relax after a busy weekend.

Weekend highlights and Monday Mornings

I’ve only got a few minutes until Beckett is done playing, so I’m just diving in here.

Friday night Finn announced his tooth is really, really loose. Ever since he has announced that his loose tooth “hurts like the dickens!” I don’t know either.

Saturday Beckett started crawling forwards. He really doesn’t seem to like crawling, though, and has been trying to stand up constantly ever since.

On Saturday, we crazily decided to pack a weeks worth of fun into about four hours. We started with the Cattle Barn flea market (usually cool but most vendors were gone), the Fort Worth Science and History Museum (too much interactive preschool  deand not enough Egypt, space exploration or dinosaurs), and Ecofest/Music at Levitt Pavillion in Arlington (mini Spoonfed was cool/sad). We all made it home hot, tired and a little cranky.

We were less ambitious on Sunday, with lunch at one of our local Mexican restaurants and a run through Barney’s Bargain Barn. Finn bought a paddle ball. He thinks it’s fun, but Beckett thinks it’s the Funniest. Thing. In. The.World.

Chris, party animal B and I made it to bed shortly after midnight last night. At 2 am I woke up from a creepy dream to a burning rubber smell. Chris made the mistake of moving and letting me know that he might be a tiny bit awake, so I nudged him and asked if he smelled something. He confirmed that I was not going crazy and so we spent the next 20 minutes¬†trying to determine if our house was on fire and¬†figuring out that the smell was coming from our no longer running main window AC unit. Just as I was about to go back to sleep, I heard a noise from our back porch. Before I could even turn to Chris, He said in an I’m-not-getting-any-sleep-tonight-am-I tone “I don’t know.” I must have decided I’d rather sleep than worry about a crazy prowler that somehow managed to get past my dog, because that was the last thing I remember.

This morning we woke up at 7:08, too crazy late for me to use the car today, so B and I walked Finn to school. Even running late I managed to make coffee and put a load of clothes in the wash while Finn ate his breakfast and still get him to school on time.

Since being home, Beckett has given me the opportunity to try out the wet pail method for dealing with poopy diapers. (Yay!?) FYI: Dry pail works great for breastmilk poops because you can literally just toss them in the wash. Solid food poops are a bit more challenging. I’ll save the details for my next cloth diapering update.

It’s a bit early for ketchup, so I think I’ll settle for fancy coffee to improve my day. I usually drink my coffee black, but I’ve been craving flavored coffees lately so I picked up some flavored creamer last night. I found one that looked moderately not terrible for me because of it’s lack of partially hydrogenated oils in a yummy Caramel Macchiato. If I like this one well enough, I may get a¬†little¬†more adventurous with the Almond Joy flavor next time.

Long overdue trip photos

Here are the long awaited (or not) pictures from our Panhandle trip.

Sleeping in after the 7 hour drive

Fun at Grandma’s

Couldn’t resist…

This is what was supposed to be in the box.

Aunt Bobbie, Grandma, Beck and Finn.

Fun in the pool

Who is he squirting……

Uncle Josh!

The babies. Mr. B is 10 months younger and about a ton heavier.

Cool alien-looking wind generators. Odd, the panhandle doesn’t need help generating wind……

With Grandma before heading home.


It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I have a tons of kiddo pictures that I could be posting. I have ¬†new products listed at SubEarthan Cottage that I could be talking about. I have a tutorial for a drawstring backpack that I could be writing. I have an update to the Avon product reviews that I began a couple of months ago that I need to write. I have an update to my cloth diapering series and a cheap diaper “hack” that I could share.

Instead of picking one of those many on topic and semi-useful subjects expound upon, I am choosing to share this odd little fact with you.

When I vacuum the house, the most exciting thing that usually happens is that my floors get clean. Occasionally I pick up a sock and have to partially dismantle the vacuum to retrieve it.

When this man vacuums the house…

this happens.

Something about needing to move the computer and then needing to replace the electrical outlet in it’s new location and then wanting to see what was behind the paneling, etc. So, basically it was If You Give a Mouse a Cookie the home edition from hell. Or something.

I almost feel the need to go take a video of my darling sleeping hubby to prove that he is, in fact, still breathing. I’m afraid I might wake the baby, though, so I won’t. You’ll just have to take my word that I won’t kill him, at least not until the wall is replaced to my satisfaction.

A Father’s Day project

Well, in our case it’s a Daddy’s birthday project, but it works great for Father’s Day, too.

You’ll need:

  • Fabric Markers
  • Fabric Paint
  • Plain T-shirts in the recipients size¬† (I found that Fruit of the Loom white t-shirts are thicker than Hanes. )
  • Children
  • Paper plates
  • Cardboard or something else to put inside the shirts so the paint doesn’t bleed through
Also handy are old towels, something to protect your floor and a skin safe oil or possibly Vaseline. 
To prepare the shirts, put the cardboard in each shirt and pin it taut. You can also use plastic bags, but the¬†surface¬†isn’t as smooth to write on.
We made two different styles of shirts. For the first take these kinds of fabric markers
And give them to your assisting child(ren). This is what should happen:
With an almost final result of :
These markers really last a long time. This isn’t the first project they’ve done, and he still managed to cover front AND back with this amount of color.
For the second shirt, write some cute phrase like “My Sons (daughters, girls, boys, dogs, cats, etc.) Walk All Over Me” or “My Sons (etc.) Made This Shirt With Their Own Two Feet” on the shirt like this:
This is the second time I’ve made a shirt with this phrase, and my lettering and wonky alignment is EXACTLY the same.
Then take your fabric paint (I used this):
and spread one color in a paper plate, like this: 
Take child #1 and smoosh his/her feet in the paint and have them carefully step on the shirt. Forget to take pictures of the smooshing, stepping, and trying to wipe the paint off their feet. 
Prepare color #2. Go grab this:
and repeat the smooshing, stepping and wiping process.
You should now have something like this:
At this point, you’ll want to wash everyone’s feet off. I found that bath oil took the paint off easier than soap and water. Once everyone is cleaned up, be sure to go back and write the date on the shirts so you won’t have to try to remember how old everyone was when you made the shirts.
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